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Calculator for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

For Minecraft PE & PC

Calculator apple

Download now the best basic calculator with simple features and big buttons for your daily calculations in your iPhone or iPad.

No subscriptions, it is for free.

Main features:

* Calculator 7 in 1
* Basic, scientific, converters for Currency, Distance, Weight, Time and Data
* Choose between the Basic or Scientific mode just by rotating your device
* Historical records of all your operations done in your screen
* Divided view to allow multitasking (iPad)
* Operate using degrees or radians
* Edit ecuations
* Memory bank
* Themes to customize your calculator as you wish
* intuitive and exclusive design

You can edit as many digits as the ones from the current equation.
You can drag the cursor with your finger.

Addition, subtraction, division, multiplication and percentages
Powers and roots
Scientific notation
Power of e, powers of base 10 and inverse powers
Neperian and decimal logarithms
Sine, cosine and tangent
Secant, cosecant, cotangent
Hyperbolic sine, hyperbolic cosine, hyperbolic and tangent
Inverse function, introduction of a random or factorial number

What are you waiting for to download it? It’s FREE!!!

Calculator apple


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Great Calculator. I recommend 100%